Who used my tools?

When I got back from Summer Camp with my scouts, I went into my shop to chill for a bit.
What do I see but a few extra tools on my workbench.
Someone has some explaining to do. (Its the 3 saws)

I like your workbench. Looks like the panel saw has the teeth laying on top of the metal plane clamp. Looks like someone has been doing some cabinet work while you were gone. Don’t see any traces of blood, so no one got hurt.

Is this like Goldilocks? The sawzall wouldn’t cut straight, the pull saw was too flimsy, but the dovetail saw was just right.

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Your (Cosman?) dovetail saw, sitting on disassembled plane parts??!

So much for chilin…

off tho the dungeon w/ them…
and the plane sole down… and why is it disassembled???
the perpetrator needs some rack time…