Williams and Hussey Molder Planer

I am selling a Williams and Hussey molder planer. Used for one house remodel, I’m done with it. Includes about 10 sets of molding knives, gear oil, and knife bolts. 2 HP motor requires either 115V 23A or 220V 11.5A power. Has link style V belt to absorb vibration and make cleaner cuts. New, these cost about $4300, and each knife set costs $100-$200, total value new around $5800 + tax. I’m asking $2600 OBO. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!

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That is a great bargain, at that price. Unfortunately. not for a hobbyist, or weekend woodworker, more for a millwork shop or contractor. Hopefully someone will come along and purchase it.
From their website there is a 4 week wait on procuring a new one.