Woodworking equipment to a good home

Hello woodworkers. I have some spare items that need to go to a good home.

  1. Free: Turn of the century heavy casting 6" jointer. I used this unit for many years. This unit is disassembled, needs a base and motor. This unit has the old school babbitted bearings, but worked fine for my use.

  2. For sale $200: heavy duty 12" Parks planer on a movable stand. It works good. This would be an ideal unit to convert to a helix cutter head if some one likes to tinker with machines.

I’m in the Mukilteo area, Drew 206 819-2276

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Welcome to the forum [woodywouldI]

We had a Parks Planer like that on the farm in the 60’s and we planed thousands of board feet of lumber from the BelSaw mill we had set up on the property. Does this one have a motor? Ours was set up with a 5hp. 220v, motor. This one looks like it is in excellent shape. The cutter head is below the lower bed like a jointer and the feed rollers are above.
By todays standard this machine is heavy duty built, we planed 4X12 beams. If I remember right it has a 4" vertical capacity.
Excellent price.