Ideas for a box of wood scraps

A friend passed along a box of scraps of oak flooring (4" wide) from a floor project she had done in her house. Of course, I couldn’t resist it and, now, I have a box of scrap I’m not sure what to do with. Any suggestions?

One thing you could do is sort them for color and grain ,then match them end to end and side to side accordingly. Glue them up into wider ie. longer boards, Then scratch your head as to what to do with them.
Looks like some decent lengths in the box.
Some small projects might be
tissue boxes,
napkin holders,
salt and pepper trays,
cheese cutting boards,
small boxes,
kitchen knife holders,
waste basket,
mop/broom holder.
Lots of things you might be able to sell or for holiday gifts…


Another idea,Don, is to make a gift for her from her wood might make her happythat it matches her floor.

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Your first suggestion sounds like exactly what I would do - wait, I have done that! I had scraps of T&G tight knot western red cedar that I did that to - ending up with longer lengths - now, what to do with them…

The next ideas make sense. I am pretty much a box maker so maybe exercise my small box making skills; maybe stretch a bit and learn dovetails. Tim makes it look easy!
Thanks for the suggestions.

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there are several threads here on what to do w/ scraps…
I hope there’s an idea or two to light your fire…

FWIW… flooring is very easy to glue up into panels if need be…

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