Finishing.. The final scene

Projects done… Now for the final scene…
Hopefully there is enough here to help you w/ making your project look outstanding…
we’ll start w/ the sandpapers, cloths and pads…

SANDPAPERS 101.pdf (51.7 KB)
Abrasives for Sanding Wood.pdf (44.1 KB)
Making Sense of Sandpaper -P1.pdf (150.7 KB)
Making Sense of Sandpaper -P2.pdf (189.2 KB)
color-grading non- woven pads.pdf (85.3 KB)

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What about the Garnet?

anybody use Garnet any more???

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I do, my favorite.

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Tell us more about garnet paper Herb,…

It is orange colored and Sharp,and comes in many different grits from very fine to very coarse, sanding dust clears out of it fast.

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is it durable ??? do you get a lot of mileage out of a sheet???
I always thought of garnet as more of a polishing paper rater than sanding paper…

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In the courser grits you can really hog out the material, and they don’t plug up like a lot of paper backed sand paper. I wrap some around a block or dowel and it is kind of like a file. When I was young they didn’t have many choices.
Flint,the clear grit, or Garnet the orange paper backed. I am talking for use on wood, they had black carborundum for metal.
The flooring guys used a lot of Garnet discs, back then.

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Come to think of it… I may be confusing flint w/ garnet…

Flint: The least expensive sandpaper sold, this is a grey material that wears down quickly.
Garnet: Is a much harder grit than flint and more suitable for woodworking, costs slightly more than flint paper.

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the nitty gritty of and for sanding…

Rules for Sanding Wood.pdf (161.6 KB)
Sanding end grain.pdf (27.9 KB)
The Real Reason to Sand and Soften Sharp Edges.pdf (162.8 KB)

OFTEN issues arise when you proceed w/ your finishing…
here’s some of them and how circumvent them…

Wood will Blotch.pdf (78.1 KB)
Blotching aka Beautiful Figure.pdf (241.1 KB)
Preventing Color Changes in Exotic Woods II.pdf (66.2 KB)
Color Stabilization of Wood and Durability Improvement of Wood Coatings.pdf (142.6 KB)
Streaks in Your Wood Stain.pdf (168.3 KB)
Common Staining Problems and Their Fixes.pdf (559.0 KB)
Common Spraying Problems.pdf (902.9 KB)
white spots on a finished surface by K Mealy.pdf (571.2 KB)

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Preparing your project for the finish…

Blotch Prevention.pdf (497.3 KB)
Wood Conditioner V6.pdf (28.0 KB)
Fill Pores for an Even Sheen.pdf (464.8 KB)
Wood Sealers and Pore Fillers V1.pdf (41.6 KB)

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now it’s selecting the type of finish…

WoodFinishingGuide.pdf (3.2 MB)
Conversion Varnish (CV) vs Pre-Cat Lacquer.pdf (64.0 KB)
Show Off Figure with Dye.pdf (307.0 KB)
French Polish.pdf (396.7 KB)
Wood Finishes - What Works When.pdf (79.8 KB)

Alternate finishes…

PaintPropertiesCharacteristics.pdf (48.8 KB)
Flame Finish_How To.pdf (2.5 MB)
Kitchen Cabinets with Milk Paint.pdf (42.8 KB)

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Some hows and tips on applying the finishes…

Applying a Shellac Finish-1.pdf (1019.6 KB)
Finishing with Just Three Tools.pdf (32.8 KB)
How to Apply Wipe-On Varnish.pdf (389.4 KB)
How to Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets.pdf (218.8 KB)
Tips for Finishing Cherry.pdf (180.0 KB)
Staining End Grain.pdf (23.3 KB)

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Some more hows and tips on applying the finishes…

Matching Colors.pdf (52.9 KB)
Saving the Finish by K Mealy.pdf (489.2 KB)
Finishing Exotic and Tropical Hardwoods.pdf (50.3 KB)
Common Staining Problems and Their Fixes.pdf (559.0 KB)

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now for a word some finish manufacturers…

Finishing with Bush Products - The Three Phase System Volume 1.pdf (93.2 KB)
General Finishes Water Based Finish Application Guide.pdf (157.9 KB)
PaintPropertiesCharacteristics.pdf (48.8 KB)

Solvents in the shop and for finishing…

Solvents And Thinners.pdf (27.6 KB)
Solvents for Cleaning…pdf (30.0 KB)
Effective Alternatives to - for MEC.pdf (2.3 MB)
Grain Alcohol for Shallac.pdf (94.2 KB)

Paint Strippers… (Formby’s Formula)…
Recipe for furniture stripper.pdf (23.3 KB)

Penetrating Oil: For the rusted in hardware…
Brake fluid w/ either acetone or ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) at a 1/1 ratio… but not all three together…
Brake Fluid/ATF is slower acting…
Acetone/ATF is more aggressive,
finish clean up w/ turps…

mix in very small batches as it has virtually no shelf life…

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here’s something a little different in the finishing department…

Ebonizing Wood…

Ebonizing Wood.pdf (398.5 KB)

All of these chemicals have MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) sheets that we need to be aware of…
A lot of them are flat out nasty…

Just what is a What is a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)?..

A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a fact sheet developed by manufacturers describing the chemical properties of a product. Material Safety Data Sheets include brand-specific information such as physical data (solid, liquid, color, melting point, flash point, etc.), health effects, first aid, reactivity, storage, handling, disposal, personal protection and spill/leak procedures. As required by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), the target audience for information in a MSDS is the occupation worker who may be exposed to chemicals at work. However, much of the information is also relevant to consumers.

The term “Material Safety Data Sheet” has been changed to “Safety Data Sheet” (SDS) to comply with a format required by OSHA to be consistent the United Nations Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS).

Here is a sampling of MSDS sheets covering finishing materials…

MSDS_MethyleneChloride-2.pdf (286.6 KB)
Crown_Mineral_Spirits_Substitute_06.01.13.pdf (140.7 KB)
Furniture-Refinisher_Formbys.pdf (177.2 KB)
IB744-2006_MSDS_ENGUSA_003.pdf (347.5 KB)

if you would like to know more, which is a very good thing, here’s a very simple to use comprehensive listing for MSDS’s…