Tools... our very essesnce

need to drill some angled holes w/ your DP and the table doesn’t tilt???..

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mallets… a must have…

Shop-Built Mallet.pdf (210.3 KB)

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the no guesswork approach…

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expand your drill press…

3-in-1-drill-press-upgrade.pdf (2.1 MB)

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get a little more from your jigsaw,
especially when cutting small parts…

Jig Saw Table.pdf (451.8 KB)

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check your jointer’s setup…

JOINTER SET UP.pdf (40.1 KB)

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tackle sheet goods w/ ease…

DIY TRACK SAW.pdf (92.4 KB)

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know your chisels…

Using a Bench Chisel.pdf (327.9 KB)
07_chisels_worksheet.pdf (1.7 MB)

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as w/ your chisels…
know your planes…

Understanding Bench Planes.pdf (439.2 KB)


PLANES 1.pdf (303.8 KB)
PLANES.pdf (81.1 KB)

Back Bevels and Plane Geometry.pdf (56.9 KB)
Sharpening Angles for Bench & Block Planes.pdf (79.1 KB)

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now to fine tune your plane…

Tuning a Hand Plane.pdf (251.1 KB)
tuning metal bench planes.pdf (106.9 KB)
Plane Blade Profile.pdf (38.4 KB)


Chip Breaker Setting Trick.pdf (231.8 KB)

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the axe and adze…
a little history…

The Adze and the Ungrooved Axe of the New England Indians.pdf (1.9 MB)

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make your own…
Router planes…

Building a Wooden Router Plane.pdf (2.2 MB)
DIY Router Plane.pdf (721.9 KB)


Making Molding planes.pdf (141.2 KB)

Plane Fence…

Plane Fence.pdf (158.7 KB)

Scratch stocks…

Scratch Stocks_ Make your own.pdf (1.3 MB)

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Skew planes… for that difficult piece…

SKEW PLANES.pdf (67.8 KB)

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Drawknives (typical)


Drawknives are used primarily for rough shaping of green wood, such as in the making of chair parts or tool handles. The Draw Knife is also quite efficient at removing bark from logs to be resawn. Drawknives are customarily used at the shaving horse, but may also be used with the workpiece clamped in a large vise…


A scorp is like a curled up draw knife that has a perfect regular sweep and handle angles for rapid, aggressive shaving to finish the shaping job begun with the adze. Its deep sweep takes heavy cuts without excessive effort and without tearing at the edges of the cut.
Scorps are also used for large scale material removal on hollow workpieces, like chair seats or bowls. Scorps are good for projects with small radius inside corners like bowls



An inshave is a specialized drawknife for hollowing out areas in bowls, chair seats, etc



The Spokeshave is a variation of the hand plane utilizing side handles and a very short sole. It is especially useful where rapid short strokes are employed, and in areas where a plane would be awkward to use like chair legs or spindles. Spokeshaves are generally pushed through the cut, but can be pulled in cases where the grain abruptly reverses.


All About Drawknives, Spokeshaves, and Scorps.pdf (51.7 KB)
Tuning and Using a Spokeshave.pdf (466.6 KB)

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Compressors… there’s more to them than just turning them on and having at it…



Maintaining one…

Air Compressor Maintenance.pdf (65.2 KB)

Check list…

Make your own squares, marking and layout gauges…

Build an Adjustable Square.pdf (203.6 KB)
Cutting gauge.pdf (1.3 MB)
Mortise gauge plan - Locking screw version.pdf (1.5 MB)
Mortise gauge plan - wedge version.pdf (1.1 MB)
Panel Gauge.pdf (747.3 KB)
Marking Gauge.pdf (121.0 KB)
Marking Knife.pdf (175.7 KB)

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Don’t have a Greg pocket hole jig…
make your own…

pocket-hole-jig1.pdf (120.2 KB)

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You are a walking encyclopedia of tools and woodworking.

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blame my old man…
it’s his fault…

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It seems there’s more to drilling than you would think…

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Drilling 1.pdf (1.4 MB) (3.8 MB)